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Momos have now become the quintessential Nepali dish that everyone talks about and loves but traditionally, in Nepal, momos were considered more of a family meal.something to be made together and eaten in the family kitchen.

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Offering Wide range of great tasty momo with pleasant Ambeance at all time also maintain consistent taste and service to make our customer’s “BEST PART OF THEIR DAY”

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“To become favourite MOMO house in NEPAL”

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•Integrity •People •Connection •Innovation •Performance •Discipline •Quality

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Momo (dumplings) is one of Nepal’s most popular dishes which can be eaten as an entree or as mains. It’s a dumpling filled with meat or vegetables as well.. It is one of the must have food items in the restaurants as well.
It is eaten with:-
Tomato pickle, (golbheda ko achar)coriander leafs ,tomatoes, sesame, soya ,peanutsNepali hog plum( Lapsi ko jhol Achar)


Available in
Veg & Chicken

Usually, the momos are steamed and are found in every other restaurants and cafe’s in Nepal. These scrumptious juicy momos are filled with minced veggies or meat and are put in dumpling steamer.

Fried Momo


Available in
Veg & Chicken

These crunchy version of momos are made by deep frying the momo or frying after steaming the momo. Although, a bit oily, the taste will totally make you forget about your health-conscious thoughts.

Jhol Momo


Available in
Veg & Chicken

Jhol basically means liquid or having a liquid-like consistency, and Jhol momos are the momos that are drowned in a bowl full of sauce called jhol achar. The sauce or jhol achar is thin in texture and have a bit of a hot, spicy and tangy twist.

Chilli Momo


Available in
Veg & Chicken

Chilli momo is your regular momo dipped in a hot and spicy sauce. If you are willing to try something hot and spicy then, Chilly momo is your best answer. Try this once.

Tandoor Momo


Available in
Veg & Chicken

This type of momo is for tandoor lover. Now try a diffrent taste of momo. The taste that you will never forgot.

Kothay Momo


Available in
Veg & Chicken

Kothey momo are half fried and half steamed momo which are made in an elongated shape. The filling can be either veg or various kinds of meat.

Wednesdays means wonderfull wednesday

Come and enjoy the taste, that you will never forgot

We are a pioneer in Nepalese style momos Food, also constantly enhancing momo’s taste, shape and range. we promise to bring it to the next level.Tasty MoMo house offers a range of delicious Nepalese MoMo to our customers. We will serve wide range of MoMo at a great price, and TMH also offer MoMo especially catered to all kind of age group and the other hand hygienic & health conscious.

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